A Stitch in Time save Nine

Or, shall we say…. “A solder in time will save your bracelet, or diamond?” Truly! Once you’ve obtained the jewelry of your dreams you can wear it with pride and joy. But is that all? Do we “Wear with no care”? No. We want to make sure you get to keep it! Yes, gold is valuable, NOT indestructible. When you wear it, it wears! This is why we recommend you bring your jewelry in for a check-up. Check-ups are at NO CHARGE. We’re here to help you preserve and protect your jewelry.

Our hearts drop with yours when you experience the tragic loss of a diamond or other precious stone whose security was compromised by a worn prong. The same calamity will beset a beloved bracelet with a worn clasp, or link. If you’ve dropped several pounds you may have noticed your rings slides off your finger with a little too much ease. Size it or get a ring guard before it’s too late! If you’ve added pounds and don’t expect to lose them, don’t let a ring get so tight that its removal requires a trip to the emergency room! Most women wear their engagement ring on a daily basis…Get those prongs checked! We’re here to help you care for and keep your precious jewelry for a lifetime.

So, consider this a warning of love. It takes only a little time out of your busy schedule to have a closer look to prevent some major jewelry repairs. We’re here six days out of the week to serve you.

Mike and Rosalind

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