About Us

The short version about us:

-Opened our doors in 2008

-features David “Mike” Daily, one of Pittsburgh’s few certified Graduate Gemologists

-Graduate gemologist and diamontologist

-over 35 years of experience

-Offering the full spectrum of jewelry services

-Custom design, including state-of-the-art Countersketch

-Get top $ for your gold toward another purchase or service


The long version about us:

We here at Greenfield Jewelers know something of what it takes to make a gem. And Mike Daily is a gem of a jeweler! But gems don’t form without a great deal of pressure. GJ is a testimony to the fact that it’s often the hardest experiences we pass through that give us the opportunity to become our very best. Indeed, apart from the “heat”, our growth potential is quite limited!


As a 20-yr-old, just discharged from the U.S. Marines and soon after hired by the U.S. postal service, David “Mike” Daily’s plans to be a mail carrier were dramatically altered by a serious motorcycle accident leaving him with a broken leg. Now with osteomyelitis and no hope for complete healing he knew he’d never be a mail carrier, nor retire with a pension at the age of 48! Instead he found himself directed to a school for the handicapped, with blind, mute, psychiatrically impaired, and even paraplegic classmates.


It was here that Mike’s own character was forged in the fiery furnace while he observed that nothing could stop a motivated person. It was here that Mike gained a deep and lasting appreciation for compassion and a helping hand. These were people who would not be put down. There was no room for self-pity. He saw he could and should “Dream Big. The sky is the limit”. Here he learned compassion, patience, endurance, perseverance. He saw that this was true greatness. Such a character was unstoppable.


Mike soon found he had an affinity and penchant for jewelry design and manufacturing and after graduation began his career. The next step in his education was at the Gemological Institute of America. Then, after about 15 years of establishing shops for a number of independents and chain stores and the added pressures of a growing family, Mike felt both the inspiration and need to take charge of managing his own career in doing work for the trade. This continued for 16 years at which point once again, the challenges of life led him and his wife, Rosalind, to the opening of Greenfield Jewelers in 2008.


As a young couple, Mike and Rosalind had always desired to serve God in whatever He called them to. But after many years in one church, they realized the community within which God desired them to serve was much greater than the folks they met with every Sunday. When Mike & Rosalind opened the store they discovered their passion to make this community theirs, providing honest, excellent, and compassionate service to all their clientele. Now in their sixth year they have a full-service jewelry store. They aim at win-win business practices, having learned the importance of taking care of the needs of their customers and managing the responsibilities of a business.


Now, with the addition of a new dynamic website Mike and Rosalind discovered a way to further their dream. With the world today virtually at our fingertips, it’s not difficult to discover our neighbor’s needs. Mike and Rosalind’s determination is that while enjoying the legitimate pleasures of life they will not be forgetful of others less fortunate. They also believe they have many like-minded customers who would like to know that the business they chose is extending their profits to some such worthy ministry.


Please take a look at some of the ministries we support.