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Emerald earrings

Green Gems in Greenfield: The Emeralds of May

As we draw closer to summer, green is overtaking everything. With April came showers – and a liberal amount of snow – But May has arrived in all its glory. And green is here to stay. What does the color green signify? It is both calming yet brimming with life. It holds a dual symbolism. […]

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David "Mike" Daily, 
GIA Certified Graduate Gemologist

A “MUST” for diamond buyers

Are you buying a diamond?  If there’s one thing you MUST know, it is HOW to evaluate the diamond you’re thinking of buying! Of course, most consumers are NOT expert diamondtologists and depend on the professionalism, integrity, and certification authenticity of the sales people they buy from.  In the recent news, or in your own […]

National Customer Service Week – Part 5

This is it!  The last day of our 10% off all products and services for National Customer Service Week!  We’ve met some new neighbors this week, and if you’ve been thinking about checking us out I hope you’re learning a little about who we are.  All week we’ve been sharing this great article we found […]

National Customer Service Week – Part 4

Just one day left to take advantage of our 10% off any product or service in honor of National Customer Service Week! If you’ve been following our project since Monday based on the article we discovered: “The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” then hopefully you’ve learned a little about us as a business and a […]

National Customer Service Week – Part 3

Great customer service.  We’ve already talked about the basic foundation of what makes great customer service, so let’s take “The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” a step farther into operations.  We believe in helping people.  Helping our community.  Trying to make a difference. Great Customer Service Commandment #5:  Help customers understand your systems. When you […]

National Customer Service Week – Part 2

Greenfield Jewelers is family owned and operated, and we view all of our customers as close friends and family as well.  We try to infuse our family morals and beliefs into every aspect of our business by being genuine, reliable, and offering the best customer service we can. Yesterday we shared the article “The Ten Commandments […]

National Customer Service Week – Part 1

October 6-10th is National Customer Service week!   In celebration of our loyal and new customers, we will be offering 10% off ALL products and services this entire week!   Come visit us in store to get your coupon or snag one at various local businesses! We’ve decided to also do a fun little outline each day this week […]