Green Gems in Greenfield: The Emeralds of May

Greenfield Jewelers

As we draw closer to summer, green is overtaking everything.

With April came showers – and a liberal amount of snow – But May has arrived in all its glory. And green is here to stay.

What does the color green signify? It is both calming yet brimming with life. It holds a dual symbolism. Across time and cultures it has come to stand for many things: Purity, vitality, harmony, rebirth and truth among them.  In keeping with the birth of the new season, it comes as no surprise that the official Birthstone of May is none other than the brilliantly green Emerald.

Exclusive to this single color, the Emerald is recognized as an enchanting stone worldwide. Ancient Egypt valued it for its healing powers, the Romans for its relief in times of stress, and even its name lies in ancient Greek roots for the word green. It was also said to gift its wearers with eloquence in speech, and to unveil truth in lovers’ hearts. According to the bible it is even one of the stones gifted to King Solomon by God, and with it the power over all of creation.

Today it is one of only four internationally recognized gems, and its value is so prized that fine Emeralds are more precious than even diamonds of the same weight. Even more interesting, this holds true despite these stones often being riddled with inclusions. As in the best of us, blemishes and shortcomings are unavoidable. In Emeralds, these so-called imperfections could be anything from small fractures, to crystals formed alongside the Emerald, to gasses trapped inside the stone. Moreover, they often tell a tale of the stone’s history, with signature inclusions denoting the region from which the stone was mined. But they don’t detract from its potential for value. Although traditionally treated with oil to reduce the risk of fracture or breakage, even its inclusions cannot take away from the Emerald’s vibrant color and saturation, in which its true value lies. The Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz was named so for a reason – hardly any stone can compare to its richness, literally and figuratively.

So what do Emeralds mean to you? Perhaps you have a Cancer in your family, for which the Emerald is the sign’s signature gemstone. Perhaps you have an appreciation for fine gemstones, or the emerald’s significance in ancient history, or the diversity in which it is rooted. And perhaps it is nothing more than a brilliant green to add to your wardrobe, complementing your skin tone or your hair or eyes. Deep in sentimental value or just simply beautiful in appearance, the popularity of this stone has stood the test of time and will never go out of style.

To us, the significance behind the stone lies in something deeper, something more personal. Green is not only the focal color of our business; it is a part of our name and a part of the community in which we reside. And trust and tranquility are a signature characteristic of the meaning behind the Emerald. Here at Greenfield Jewelers, we are a family: A family built on trust, mutual respect, and a commitment to working together for the benefit of everyone involved. We value all of our work equally, whether it comes at a higher price or is merely a simple repair. We consider our customers to be our family, and endeavor to treat them as such. And our reviews? They speak for themselves. Our customers know who we are and what we stand for. The message of the Emerald is, like ours, one of trust, harmony, and good will.

We stand by our products and our services, and our customers do too. Taking care to provide for any jewelry needs, repairs, or even fulfilling your heart’s desire is what we are here to do: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We invite you to make that a part of your life today.


David “Mike” Daily,
GIA Certified Graduate Gemologist

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