National Customer Service Week – Part 3

Great customer service.  We’ve already talked about the basic foundation of what makes great customer service, so let’s take “The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” a step farther into operations.  We believe in helping people.  Helping our community.  Trying to make a difference.

Great Customer Service Commandment #5:  Help customers understand your systems.

When you shop with us, you help a bigger cause.  Did you know that a percentage of our sales go back to various charities and organizations that are important to us and our community?  You can read about some of them here on our website.  We like the quote from D. Defoe “Invest in the human soul.  Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.”  When we said on Monday that we strive to learn about our customers on a personal level… this is why!  It’s all part of a larger system that we’re working towards.  Not just to sell jewelry.  To help people!   And when you’re in business for yourself that starts with great customer service.

Great Customer Service Commandment #6:  Appreciate the Power of “Yes”.

Who doesn’t love the word “yes”.  For us, it means having the ability to do custom work when the standard item just isn’t quite what a customer is looking for.  We love being able to go above and beyond what you see in our displays to create that perfect, one of a kind item that will dazzle your socks off!  On Tuesday we talked about seeing some gaps and taking action.  Have you seen the new state-of-the-art software that we’ve implemented this year?  You can watch a video here (be sure to “follow” us on G+ while you’re there!).  The point is, we have many options for designing and creating beautiful jewelry, and our Gemologist is a master at custom work.  There’s bound to be a solution when we work as a team and identify our customers’ needs.

If you’ve been following our “10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” since Monday I hope you’ve come to learn a little more about who we are.  Stop in for a visit to check out our design software while you wait for your free inspection and cleaning.  We’re still offering 10% off all products and services until Friday too!

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