National Customer Service Week – Part 4

Just one day left to take advantage of our 10% off any product or service in honor of National Customer Service Week!

If you’ve been following our project since Monday based on the article we discovered: “The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” then hopefully you’ve learned a little about us as a business and a family that you might not have known before.  Our belief in treating people as our neighbor and giving back to our community sets us apart from many larger chains in the Pittsburgh area. I think the next “commandment of great customer service” just goes hand in hand with everything we’ve said so far, so this one will be short and sweet.

Great Customer Service Commandment #7:  Know how to apologize. 

When you truly care about your customers and begin to build relationships with the people who pass through, I think it’s a given that you strive to treat them with the respect.  Part of respect is being 100% honest and then acknowledging when mistakes have been made or if a situation is out of your hands.  Since we do a lot of custom work and repair services, we build that trustworthy relationship and we provide honest answers and feedback.  While it’s very rare, there are a few cases where an item is too far gone or too old to work on in order to provide the customer what they’re expecting.  Since we specialize in estate jewelry and repair, this is a very rare situation, but alas, it has happens (as it did recently with a gentleman’s older wrist watch!), and we will be completely upfront and honest with you if we don’t believe something should or can be worked on.

And we do apologize for that!

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