National Customer Service Week – Part 5

This is it!  The last day of our 10% off all products and services for National Customer Service Week!  We’ve met some new neighbors this week, and if you’ve been thinking about checking us out I hope you’re learning a little about who we are.  All week we’ve been sharing this great article we found called “The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service” and talking about our personal and business views.  If you’ve been busy and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, check out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  There’s not a lot more we can say today other than the truth.

Great Customer Service Commandment #8:  Give more than expected.

We have a passion for what we do and our Gemologist is a true master.  He’s one of Pittsburgh’s few certified gemologists and has a skilled eye for design.  Being a graduate gemologist and diamontologist gives him valuable insight and knowledge to help you thoroughly understand what you’re purchasing and how to properly take care of your precious items.  Since he performs all repairs and the majority of creations on-site and is available for you to talk to directly, the wealth of information that you can learn from him isn’t something you’d expect from your average jewelry store. We find it to be a valuable service that’s above and beyond!

Great Customer Service Commandment #9:  Get regular feedback.

Our growing online presence this year has really made your feedback easier than ever.  We have so many great people that we’ve worked with closely to make their visions and dreams come true.  Hearing about your experience is the only way to know where to go from here.  You talk, and we listen, because as we said earlier in the week we can’t offer great services unless we know what our customers are looking for and what they take away from their visit.  If you’ve been to our store recently and would like to share your experience for others, feel free to comment at the end of our blogs, or share it directly on the Greenfield Jewelers Facebook Page, or if you’re on Google+ leave a review!

Great Customer Service Commandment #10:  Treat employees well.

We have no choice but to treat our employees like family – because they are!  And genuine appreciation stems from the top, so when you walk through our door, we strive to make you feel part of our little family here.  When we opened the store in 2008, we discovered our passion to make this community ours, providing honest, excellent, and compassionate service to all of our clientele, because we believe in the Divine mandate to “Love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Come see for yourself what we’re all about!



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