Sky’s the Limit

Do you have handed down jewelry you just don’t know what to do with?  Maybe it’s not your style or your favorite metal type, but it still has value and means something to you.  Sometimes these pieces end up stashed away and rarely seen until passed along again.  What can you do to revitalize and put a new personal spin on these pieces so that you can proudly wear them?  Bring them in to us!  Our gemologist and creative design specialist can sit down with you at our Create Bar and, together, we can watch a virtual design evolve right before our eyes based on what you like or dislike about your jewelry.

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BLOG-custom earrings (1)We had a customer do just this recently.  She had her grandmother’s ring with several loose diamonds. She wanted to bring them together into a unique item that she could call her own, yet still hold on to its meaning and value.  After some time playing with ideas on our creative design software and seeing a virtual representation evolve through the process, we discovered she wanted to transform these gems into custom earrings!  We narrowed down the main stone and size that she wanted to use, and the rest of the gems just fell into place as she saw different design features come together before her eyes.

Of course this is all still on-screen!

Once the design is finalized, our Gemologist, Mike, uses this virtual representation to create the tangible work of art!  The picture is transferred to a wax mold, which Mike then sculpts into shape with various picks and drills for a replica of the piece designed on-screen by the customer.  He then makes a mold and casts gold in the mold using the “lost wax process”.  The gold is then finished off with sanding, burnishing, and polishing to prepare it for the final stage: setting the stones!

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Our customer was so in love with her new earrings!  Her husband picked them up, and we got a phone call from her shortly after to express her joy personally!  She was finally able to wear and display her grandmother’s precious gems in a way that was most fitting for her.  Transforming dated pieces into new custom designs gave her a way to add her own story to her handed down jewelry that she can continue to pass on for years to come.

If your jewelry box is filled with dated gems that you just don’t know what to do with, bring them in and see how you can make them your own!  There are so many options available.  You could combine several pieces into one magnificent work of art or split up multiple settings to create smaller individual pieces of jewelry that you could then disperse among your family, siblings, or children to spread that history out even farther.  Sky’s the limit!

-Mike & Rosalind Daily




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