Sparkle Sparkle: How to clean your gold jewelry

CND_8565-2(collage)How do you clean your gold jewelry? Ever get the bright idea to soak your pieces overnight in bleach? If you HAVE thought of this one, no…, you’re not the first. And if you’ve already done this then you know, DON’T DO IT! We love you for your common sense solutions but this one will undo your jewelry, literally. Bleach doesn’t technically hurt the gold element, but it can break down the alloy present, which for all practical purposes would mean the demise of the whole piece. So, please, no chemicals. And, there was a day when solutions including ammonia were used to clean jewelry but this is no longer recommended.

We at Greenfield Jewelers offer the best product to our customers: Sparkle Sparkle. It’s all natural and it does the job. And it can be used on delicate stones like emeralds and opals. Just spray it on, scrub delicately with the little brush, and rinse it off.

And to ALL, a professional cleaning and inspection is always available, free of charge. So, why not stop in the next time you have a jewelry need! We’ll be looking for you….