Greenfield Jewelers specializes in an array of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other new and estate jewelry, as well as expert jewelry repair and buying gold.

We would especially love to be YOUR favorite shop for diamond-stud earrings. We may be a small family business but we have our connections! We hand select, match, and set our diamond studs in house. Our customers testify that they trust us to give them the best in products and service. That means the MOST to us! What are YOU looking for? Why not come in and check us out soon and share your wishes with us? If we don't have your dream piece in stock we'll gladly make them up for you.

If custom design is what you're looking for be sure to check out the"For You, By You" page for details on how YOU can design your own jewelry!

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Emerald earrings

Green Gems in Greenfield: The Emeralds of May

As we draw closer to summer, green is overtaking everything. With April came showers – and a liberal amount of snow – But May has arrived in all its glory. And green is here to stay. What does the color green signify? It is both calming yet brimming with life. It holds a dual symbolism. […]

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